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Ravencoin OS V1 was the first major release featuring automated IPFS pinning of Ravencoin objects on the Ravencoin blockchain

RavencoinOS v2 Documentation

  1. Introduction
  2. Installing
  3. Critical Security Detail
  4. Configuring, Environment & Advanced Usage
  5. Recommended Storage Requirements
  6. Device Support


What is RavencoinOS?

RavencoinOS is an Operating Systems providing automation and a rudimentary toolset and service for doing things on the Ravencoin Blockchain.

RavencoinOS is created for the Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3 ARM Architecture utilizing the Raspbian OS 'Raspbian stretch' source. The goal of RavencoinOS is to create an lightweight operating system flavour customized for Ravencoin Blockchain. RavencoinOS provides an onboot-process automation that automatically sets up Ravencoin Blockchain, Ravencoin Wallet & Fullnode. Ravencoin RPC service and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS-go), without any user intervention.

RavencoinOS therefore represents a simple and easy way both for users wanting to get started with Ravencoin and IPFS blockchain development, as well as allowing users unaccustomed to running their own Consensus Blockchain Service + IPFS Gateway to help support the Ravencoin DHT network by mirroring the Ravencoin IPFS_Hashes provided by thru its IPFS Bootstrap service.

In addition to the ravend and ipfs daemons, systemD units are provided for easily stopping and starting both IPFS and Ravend services. The ravenXtools toolset provided in the latest version of RavencoinOS v2 allows several additional features provided thru a menu system feature that starts at boot-time, and will function expectedly once the ravencoin blockchain synchronises fully.

The latest version of Ravencoin OS v2 has ravenXtools a feature-rich ipfs, ravend & ipfs swarm configurator (see image closeup for details)
  1. Typical Commandline Wallet functions thru a wrapper wizard (new feature)
  2. Stop/Start IPFS (new feature ordinarily available via systemctl stop/start ipfs)
  3. Stop/Start Ravencoin (new feature ordinarily available via systemctl start/stop ravend)
  4. Join the Ravenland Private Ravencoin DHT Swarm (entirely new feature)
  5. Restore IPFS Defaults. (Rejoin the IPFS Public Bootstrap & wipe any existing private swarm configuration.) (entirely new feature).
  6. Pin Ravencoin objects to IPFS Chain (improved feature). TODO recursive directory ipfs_hashes


RavencoinOS utilizes a collection of tools called the ravencoin-ipfs-bootstrap-tools, which has its own github repository at

Non Raspberry Pi Users may still rejoice!

Non Raspberry PI Linux Users can run the Ravencoin IPFS Bootstrap tools on a Virtual Machine or Dedicated Server as well since 27/05/2019. For more detail please take a look at the RavencoinIPFSInstaller repository on github for full instructions on how to sync with the IPFS Bootstrap provided by Ravenland on any Linux server.


  1. Download the latest RavencoinOS image * RavencoinOS v1
  2. Download win32 Disk Imager here * Win32 Disk Imager
  3. Use win32 disk imager to write the image to your Raspberry PI SD CARD
## Select Image you downloaded
  1. Insert SDCARD into RPI and turn on!