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RavencoinOS v2 Documentation

  1. Introduction
  2. Installing
  3. Critical Security Detail
  4. Configuring, Environment & Advanced Usage
  5. Recommended Storage Requirements
  6. Device Support


What is RavencoinOS

RavencoinOS is an custom image created for the Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3 ARM Architecture using the Rasbpian OS, which is a fork of Debian provided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The goal of RavencoinOS is to produce an operating system flavour customized for the Ravencoin blockchain, providing the Ravencoin Wallet, Ravencoin 'Full node' service, and an IPFS daemon. Additional automation and wrappers are provided thru several pre-installed /bin files which execute either via LDXE-pi or via crontab scripts to provide a seamless automation to both;

The ravenXtools CLI wrapper for RavencoinOS v2
  1. Ravencoin Wallet Services
  2. Ravencoin Fullnode
  3. Rvencoin IPFS Server
  4. Ravencoin IPFS hashe mirror (A copy of all Ravencoin IPFS_hashes on disk and remotely synced from

Getting started

Non Raspberry Pi Users may still rejoice!

Non Raspberry PI Linux Users can run the Ravencoin IPFS Bootstrap tools on a Virtual Machine or Dedicated Server as well since 27/05/2019. For more detail please take a look at the RavencoinIPFSInstaller repository on github for full instructions on how to sync with the IPFS Bootstrap provided by Ravenland on any Linux server.

Getting started